Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring Grand Rod Run 2009

You see it coming a mile away. If you happen to be vacationing in Pigeon Forge and you start to see the parking lots edging the Parkway filled with colorful, beautiful automobiles, it means the first big Automotive show in Pigeon Forge is not far away. The Rod Runs in Pigeon Forge are so big, you start to see people setting up a week in advance. Literally. Sometimes more.

For gearheads of all ages, sizes and shapes, this is one of THE events to come see in Pigeon Forge. You'll see cars for forgot even existed, painted creatively and paraded down the main street of the city for all to see. There will be interactive displays, vendors, workshops, Q&As and, the center spotlight, rare and unique automobiles.

As a guest at Green Valley Motel, you automatically get one, possibly two depending on how you look at it, huge advantage in location. The big downside to a Rod Run is the TRAFFIC it creates, but at Green Valley Motel, you only need to walk down to your spot and save yourself all the time and energy you would want better spent at the show itself.

Its a blast going up and down the sidewalks in Pigeon Forge during this perennial favorite and you get to enjoy it virtually next door by staying with Green Valley Motel.