Tuesday, July 26, 2011

July Craftsmen's Fair

For those who may have been to the Craftsmen's Fair for a while, the one in July, and likely more to come, would have surprised you. You would've arrived to find so many booths (more than 160 as listed by the Craftsmen's information sheet) that many of them had to spread out into the hallways and even outside the W.L. Mills Convention Center in downtown Gatlinburg.

With 160+ booths and artists both local and from Virginia, Ohio, Georgia and way beyond, there was, of course, a wide berth of arts and crafts from candles, baskets, wood works, rock works, paintings, clothes and music to Christmas trees, sports-based fan pulls, old fashioned rifles, shields, interesting lights, and much more than any human being could hope to absorb in a few hours.

If you're coming to the Autumn Craftsmen's Fair and you just can't get enough of hand-made arts the likes of which you've seen and haven't seen before, the $6.00 admission fee is well worth it. Unfortunately, we were not able to get pictures, but we can guarantee you you've probably never seen a convention center this packed with amazing arts and crafts from nearly the entire Eastern half of the country.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

What's Left to Do?

Well the 4th of July came and went and it was a blast - many times over. Now we look forward to the rest of the summer being a bit quieter and with more opportunities to relax.

Some might still wonder, "Well, what's left to do around there in July?" True, we don't have a lot of new events this month, but so much is still going on, like Dollywood's Kidsfest and Smoky Mountain Tunes and Tales in Gatlinburg. There's also plenty of year-round entertainment like the dozen or so theaters just a few minutes down the road from us, The Track, Dolly's Splash Country and more!

Special Events aren't special if they always hit one after the other, don't always feel the need to wait for one for your Smoky Mountain Vacation to begin. Anytime is a great time to vacation here in Pigeon Forge and we'd love to have you with us whenever that time may be.