Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Fourth of July (and now The Third of July), 2010

Is there any summer activity that's greater than the Fourth of July? Good luck trying to find one. There are only two events a year in this country that are so important, we shoot off high-powered, multi-colored explosives in public and in our backyards as an active means to personify our jubilation - the birth of the year and the birth of the nation.

To celebrate the Fourth of July in Sevier County takes some energy and some planning, but wow can you get a lot done in roughly 40 hours.

For one, Pigeon Forge is pulling a fast one on us and having its usual Fourth of July celebration on July 3rd! This day belongs to Pigeon Forge, as Patriot Park, the huge, level, open park in the Old Mill district, turns into the outdoor Fourth of July central. Bring a cooler, some chairs, a beach towel and enjoy some outdoors the way it was meant to be enjoyed. Some food vendors will be there and a large sound stage will be built for entertainment starting in the afternoon and lasting until the fireworks start. Diamond Rio and many other guests, local and abroad, are expected to perform that day!

Then, travel to Gatlinburg, which on a busy July 3rd evening starts filling with people in the mood for a celebration. At the stroke of midnight that evening, right as it turns into the Fourth of July, an enormous parade starts and marches through the streets of downtown Gatlinburg. Lots of floats, lots of people, lots of patriotism - the way a Fourth of July parade should be done.

The next day, you can return to downtown Gatlinburg for the midday favorite ID4 event, The River Raft Regatta, at the Ripley's Aquarium. It's an unmanned river raft race down the Little Pigeon River and you can find out more about it at this page:

Then, as night draws near again, you have a choice - stay in Gatlinburg and watch the fireworks or check out the amazing fireworks at Smokies Stadium in Sevierville. Smokies Stadium would be a drive to get to, but what says America better than watching American fireworks celebrate America at America's favorite pasttime stadium? Certainly not me trying to fit the ubiqitous word into a sentence as many times as I can. Either way, you'll be treated to another incredible and bright fireworks display.

Two in one year! Only in Sevier County!

Now, imagine you had perfect location to get to either city and celebration in 12 minutes or less. The Stadium would be quite a long drive even from downtown Sevierville, but Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg's events are well within easy reach. You could even walk to Patriot Park and back, while the entrance is Gatlinburg is almost within sight. There's even a trolley stop if that's your preferred method of travel!

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