Friday, January 17, 2014

Wilderness Wildlife Week 2014

After all the huge celebrations and revelry of the holidays, it's tradition in the Smoky Mountains for the start of the year to be a well deserved break, and an opportunity to reflect on the quieter, finer things of the area.

This leads up to another long-standing tradition in the Smokies - Wilderness Wildlife Week in downtown Pigeon Forge. Located this year at the new LeConte Conference Center between the main parkway and Teaster Lane and going on between January 25th to February 1st.

For those who've never been - Wilderness Wildlife Week is one the most honest, true-to-nature special events in the whole calendar year. Not a festival, not a glitzy party, this is a celebration of the Smoky Mountains at their most natural and includes a full week of lectures, guest speakers, exhibitions, guided hikes and walks, and so much more than it's quite common for people to keep returning just because they weren't able to do everything the year before.

And it's all free. All of it.

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