Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Gatlinburg New Years Eve Party!

In the Smoky Mountains, as anyone who has ever visited us would know, we take our special events seriously. Our Harvest Festivals are saturated with colors, our Springs are brisk with bloom to spare, our Summers are wall-to-wall attractions and special events and our Winterfests are full of holiday cheer.

And during New Years Eve, we both end AND begin the years with a bang!

Come to Gatlinburg for the big New Years Eve party where there will be many restaurants and local places celebrating the event. There will be entertainment leading up to final countdown, and then the epic ball drop at the final seconds of 2012 that ends with an EXPLOSION of fireworks on the Space Needle in the center of downtown Gatlinburg. More than 15 minutes of colorful sparks and flames will fire from the tower.

Gatlinburg is only a short ride away from Green Valley in Pigeon Forge; just 10-12 minutes driving or you can even take a trolley to connect to Gatlinburg and enjoy the festivities. Go on out, have the time of your life, ring in the new year, and then come back to our comfortable beds, in our comfortable rooms, for a well-earned rest. www.greenvalleypigeonforge.com.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend 2012

Gatlinburg will be celebrating the Thanksgiving Season as the city traditionally does - with three special events going on at the same time, under the same roof at W.L. Mills Auditorium near Ripley's Haunted Adventure.

From 11/20/12 to 11/24/12, the Gatlinburg Festival of Trees will be the first event to take place at W.L. Mills and its also an excellent introduction to the coming Christmas season. This is a charity event sponsored by Smoky Mountain Area Rescue Ministries and features dozens of exquisitely made Christmas trees to make a man-made Yuletide forest in the great convention center. All proceeds go to the ministry efforts of Smoky Mountain Area Rescue Ministries.

Then, from 11/21/12 to 11/25/12, the Great Smoky Mountains Thanksgiving Arts and Crafts Show will be held on the other side of the convention center. With 100+ booths and artists both local and from Virginia, Ohio, Georgia and way beyond, there is a wide berth of arts and crafts available - from candles, baskets and wood works to rock works, paintings, clothes and more.

Finally, on the nights of 11/23/12 and 11/24/12, the Great Smoky Mountain Dance Theatre will perform two shows of the Nutcracker "Sweet", which means that on 11/23/12 and 11/24/12, you could enjoy three amazing holiday special events on the same day under the same roof! If you are your family are looking for something amazing to start the holiday season, here it is!

These special events are only about 10-12 minutes from our spot in downtown Pigeon Forge and we recommend them to anyone visiting the mountains. www.greenvalleypigeonforge.com.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Autumn 2012

Now we enter the prime of the Autumn season with Harvest Festival in Pigeon Forge.

All throughout the mountains, those magical colors have already started their full bloom and we'll be seeing the zenith of them within the next couple weeks. Dollywood begins it's annual Southern Gospel and Harvest Celebration on Oct. 3rd and lasts through Nov. 3rd. This festival features a full month of nonstop Gospel performances by the best in the industry along with artists and crafters who come to the park to show off the skills handed down to them by the generations. Well worth the price of admission!

There are also two different Oktoberfest events in the Smokies as well. Wears Valley, between Pigeon Forge and Townsend, will be having one that caters more to the Autumn celebration of the mountains (http://wearsvalleychamber.com/) while Ober Gatlinburg holds a traditional German theme for theirs (http://www.obergatlinburg.com). Both are well worth the efforts to attend!

As always, there's a lot more to do in the Smokies than we can fit here, so be sure to come out and see some of it before it's gone! www.greenvalleypigeonforge.com.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Labor Day Weekend 2012

One more week until Labor Day Weekend! We'll be very excited to meet the many visitors coming out here between August 31st and September 2nd and we hope you're one of them!

There won't be a lot of special events going on during Labor Day Weekend (except for the Fine Arts Festival going on in Gatlinburg), but this is to give you more of a chance to check out the many attractions and entertainments that are already here. Dixie Stampede, MagiQuest, The Lumberjack Feud, Comedy Barn, Zorb, The Track, Lazerport and so many others in just 10 minutes worth of driving!

There are also several sidewalk sales at shopping centers around the city - Christmas Village, Pigeon Forge Crossing and Tanger Outlet will all be having outdoor sales throughout the weekend.

Come on out to the Smokies and enjoy the 3-day weekend with us at www.greenvalleypigeonforge.com. See you soon!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Summer Craftsmen's Fair

For those who may have been to the Craftsmen's Fair for a while, the one in July, and likely more to come, would have surprised you. You would've arrived to find so many booths (more than 160 as listed by the Craftsmen's information sheet) that many of them had to spread out into the hallways and even outside the W.L. Mills Convention Center in downtown Gatlinburg.

With 160+ booths and artists both local and from Virginia, Ohio, Georgia and way beyond, there was, of course, a wide berth of arts and crafts from candles, baskets, wood works, rock works, paintings, clothes and music to Christmas trees, sports-based fan pulls, old fashioned rifles, shields, interesting lights, and much more than any human being could hope to absorb in a few hours.

If you're coming to the Autumn Craftsmen's Fair and you just can't get enough of hand-made arts the likes of which you've seen and haven't seen before, the $6.00 admission fee is well worth it. Unfortunately, we were not able to get pictures, but we can guarantee you you've probably never seen a convention center this packed with amazing arts and crafts from nearly the entire Eastern half of the country.

Dates are July 20th to the 29th for 2012.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Come spend the 4th of July with us here at Green Valley Motel in Pigeon Forge!

Every year, as it has for over 20 years, Pigeon Forge celebrates the 4th of July at the town square at Patriot Park/The Old Mill. The park is flat and wide open for a reason, and when you get there you'll see why! Bring a blanket or some folding chairs, a cooler, a frisbee, and find a spot comfortable for you to enjoy the music coming from the huge soundstage as performers like John Anderson and The Loving Spoonful play into the night. Then the big show starts between 9:30 P.M. and 9:45 P.M.

And the best part of this, as a guest to Green Valley Motel, is you can get to Patriot Park from us relatively easily using our trolley stop. Traffic will be high during this event, so the trolley will be the best way to go.

Come see what we can offer you for the 4th of July or any season of the year at www.greenvalleypigeonforge.com.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Summer Fun For the Whole Family

For those coming to the Smokies for a family vacation, we want to invite you and the young'uns to Green Valley Motel here in downtown Pigeon Forge. We focus our business on offering a genuinely family-friendly atmosphere, and there will be plenty for you and the young'uns to do and enjoy from our motel.

We feature over 50 King, Queen and Double Rooms on the property with an outdoor swimming pool that keeps cool on hot days and warm on cool days, a kiddie pool for the really young ones, jacuzzi rooms and suites so that you can find something you like here no matter what season it is. We also feature specials throughout the year with the biggest one being year-round: Kids 12 and under are free. (We also have Military Discounts for service personnel with official ID)

Then think of the opportunities you have adjacent to the motel - without driving even 5 minutes, you can get to Dixie Stampede, at least a couple pancake and waffle houses, a KFC, No. 1 China, Shoneys, and a beautiful walkway along the river in Pigeon Forge. Expand it to 10 minutes and you have access to almost everything Pigeon Forge has to offer - like Dollywood, Splash Country, the Titanic Museum, the Hollywood Wax Museum, Ponderosa Riding Stables, Magic Quest, Walden's Landing, The Track and much more. We're also just outside a trolley stop for those who want to venture out without turning the car on.

And speaking of Dollywood: On June 22nd, Dollywood will be having its KidsFest for 2012, and it goes without saying it will be on of the BEST Summer-time activities your kids can enjoy in the Smokies. Take advantage of our rates for kids under 12 (which, again, there are none) and our trolley location, combine them and you have your summer vacation made in the shade with Green Valley Motel in Pigeon Forge!

Reserve today at www.greenvalleypigeonforge.com.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

Happy Memorial Day to all our current serving military men and women, and a gratious THANK YOU to our veterans who fought and, in many cases, continue to fight the good fight so that we can enjoy the freedoms we have in this country.

To help celebrate the event and to issue that THANK YOU forward, Green Valley Motel in downtown Pigeon Forge is offering Military Discounts and you can see information on that here: http://www.greenvalleypigeonforge.com/pigeon_forge_military_discounts.html.

Come out to Pigeon Forge and celebrate Memorial Day with us!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ribsfest 2012

For those of you coming to or staying in the Smokies this week, you're in for the biggest treat of Springfest!

Tonight, from 5PM to 9PM, is Ribsfest, Wings and BBQ in downtown Gatlinburg - an event so large it has to shut down a THIRD of the main road near Ripley's Aquarium just so it can accommodate all the vendors and entertainers promising to deliver it's 11th annual promise of being the most fun you can have in the Smokies!

Vendors include: Crawdaddy's, Bubba Gump Shrimp, the Partridge and the Pear Restaurant, Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies, Smoky Mountain Brewery and the even Gatlinburg Police and Fire Departments are getting in to serve you!

You can see more information on that at www.gatlinburg.com And you can see more information on how we can make your Smoky Mountain vacation and home for events like Ribsfest even more enjoyable at www.greenvalleypigeonforge.com. (Hint: Kids Under 12 Stay Free!)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Springfest 2012

First, some good news: We have rebuilt our Facebook page in response to the hacking that started early in the year and you can find the new, official page here.

Second, even better news: Dollywood is open again and Festival of the Nations is leading the entertainment for another great season of performances, food and entertainment. This year sees "Spirit of the Dance", an award-winning show that's played in Las Vegas, New York City, London and more venues around the globe. Russia, India, Germany, South America, Canada, China, Africa and many other nations will be performing or vending or cooking as well!

Another great reason to come is the huge new Wild Eagle Rollercoaster at Dollywood, the only one of its kind in the world that lets you come as close to flying as physically possible over the Smokies. In fact, it's hard to find anything in Tennessee that gives you as many thrills as Dollywood does on top of a 25-year-strong consistent level of quality WITH a multi-national cultural festival going on at the same time.

Come and stay with us at Green Valley Motel in downtown Pigeon Forge where you and the family can have the best Dollywood vacation you've ever had! Kids under 12 are free and we're within 7-10 minutes driving distance to the park. Come see what we can offer you at www.greenvalleypigeonforge.com

Thursday, March 1, 2012

It's hard not to think of Spring returning to the Smokies - largely because it's already here.

Although unofficially so, the season has definitely started here in Pigeon Forge. The temperatures are peaking in the 70s, blue sky and sunshine and even some of the flowers and trees are blooming already! The emerald glow of the Smokies won't be far behind and the return to a healthy stream of special events like the Festival of the Nations.

Here's a quick look at what's coming up.

The 18th Annual "A Mountain Quiltfest"

The city of Pigeon Forge hosts a very popular festival in which over 20,000 visitors participate in many classes and seminars, and view some of the most gorgeous quilts in the country. www.mountainquiltfest.com

ClausFest Parade

Gatlinburg's Spring Parade is back on for 2012. The Clausfest parade features, get ready for this, all your favorite Christmas and St. Patrick's Day icons marching together in a grand fashion down the main street of downtown Gatlinburg. It's a sight worth coming to see. www.clausfest.org

Dollywood "Festival Of the Nations"

Dollywood opens it's gates once again to the tune of world music as Festival of the Nations returns to captivate visitors to the Smokies. Groups from Ireland, South America, Africa, Germany and more will be coming and coming back to entertain us here in the Smokies. www.dollywood.com

Great Smoky Easter Arts and Crafts Show

Imagine if the Arts and Crafts Community of Gatlinburg, with dozens of other independent artists and artisans from whole states away gathered in one huge building in downtown Gatlinburg and you have the setting for the Great Smoky Easter Arts and Crafts Show at the Gatlinburg Convention Center. www.gatlinburgcrafts.com.

Make your reservations today and enjoy either of these special events, or come early and enjoy the Springtime glory of the Smokies without the Springtime traffic. We'll be posting more information on Special Events and Dollywood as they become available. Make your reservation at www.greenvalleypigeonforge.com

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Highlights for February 2012

Whats going on this month? Not much, and for that we're quite glad. The "quiet" season of the Smokies combined with an unusually consistent mild weather (up to 60 degrees on a lot of days so far this "winter") has made the atmosphere here in Pigeon Forge absolutely gorgeous - more than we're used to in February! If ever there was a time to come out and just relax in the Smokies, here it is.

Actually, we fib just a bit. There are a few things going on for February. Apart from Valentine's Day and the plethora of restaurants we're between 5-10 minutes from (Alamo Steakhouse, Kinkaku, Calhoun's and so on), the weekend between February 23-26 has two events going on at the same time - the 12th Annual "Saddle Up!" western festival here across Pigeon Forge and the brand new "Gatlinburg Improv Fest" at Sweet Fanny Adams Theater in downtown Gatlinburg.

It's not every month two one-of-a-kind events for Western and comedy enthusiasts happen on the same weekend here in the Smokies, so make your reservations today at www.greenvalleypigeonforge.com

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pigeon Forge is a "Destination on the Rise".

We've got some exciting news to share on behalf of the city! Pigeon Forge was recently rated #4 out of 15 "Destinations on the Rise" according to Tripadvisor.com. Pigeon Forge beat out Branson, Missouri, Asheville, North Carolina, Albuquerque, New Mexico, and Charleston, South Carolina. You can read the post here.

If we were to guess how Pigeon Forge got so high on a list full of more popular city names, it would be because Pigeon Forge, despite the economic downturn for the last few years, has still been able to draw huge crowds from all around the world thanks to a generally low-cost economy (gas, food, accommodations and many things are generally cheaper here than many cities around us), an abundance of free activities in town (Wilderness Wildlife Week going on this week being one, plus hiking the Great Smoky Mountains Park and visiting places like Sugarlands Visitors Center are free as well) and a consistent dedication to quality of entertainment.

You know - Dollywood is unveiling a new ride this year, along with Splash Country here in the Summer time. The music theaters in town continue to offer high-quality professional country/gospel entertainers while places like Zorb, Wonderworks and the Titanic Museum REALLY broaden out the spectrum for what Pigeon Forge can offer - just to start.

We're looking forward to what 2012 can offer us and we hope you get to experience this new growth with us here at Green Valley Pigeon Forge! See how we can help your Smoky Mountain vacation at www.greenvalleypigeonforge.com.